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Mar 12, 2013

Ann Tancio

From time to time the Sumo corporation offers to send me one of their new gaming chairs for review. Since I live in a small townhouse which already contains one giant Sumo chair, I defer all such offers to my brother Brian. He has a larger home in Texas and is too cheap to buy new furniture. So it came to pass that when Sumo offered me one of their new designs, I had them ship one to Brian. He was kind enough to write up a review and I thought I would share it with you guys:


Sumo was kind enough to send me a red Sultan in Ultimate-Fur. The best way I can sum up this product is that it’s like snuggling with a Muppet (Animal to be specific). The Ultimate-Fur is off putting at first, because of its tribble-like 60’s retro appearance, but once you sink into this chair your opinion soon changes. It’s comfortable, soft and it makes you reconsider what you had planned for the day in favor of napping, reading or putting in a movie. The red color I requested is a bit brighter than I expected and I now wish I would have ordered it in black, but that’s my fault. In the long run maybe the splash of color is a good choice since the wife and I tend to use a lot of neutral colors around the house.

Being the QA guy that I am, naturally I over-analyzed the hell out of this product as I assembled it. I’m not a huge fan of the batting and foam beads inside the Sumo because if a doggie accident makes it way to the batting inside then it would be a pain to remove the affected portion, but Sumo has an inner bag that holds everything together and you can take the outer cover off for washing. So, I’m sure 99% of the time you could just wash the outer cover and wipe the inner bag down with a Clorox wipe and call it a day. Still, I prefer the foam blocks in my Gigantor. That’s just a personal preference of mine, however, and has nothing to do with the comfort level of this chair.  My brother has an older Sultan and has complained that there is no inner bag and if he ever wanted to machine wash the outter cover, he would have a room full of loose batting to deal with. So this is a huge improvement over previous models. Good to hear.

The true test of this product though is if I can relax in it with my 145 pound Great Dane. The second I settled into the Sultan my Great Dane Kingston joined me and decided that napping sounded like a great idea. It had plenty of room for us both and I am a big guy at 6’7”.

bottom line: you want this Sumo. Don’t be afraid of the Ultra-Fur. Embrace change and maybe even pick a color you normally wouldn’t. You and your pets will not regret it.

p.s. to Sumo Corporate,  you should just bite the bullet and start making dog beds. Technically, all your beds are dog beds (my dog certainly seems to think so), but you’re missing out on a potential niche market here. You could open new markets with petstores. Imagine Sumo Dog beds in big box stores like PetSmart and Petco. You’re welcome. Please get someone working on this immediately.

Brian Kurtz, and Kingston the Great Dane, Dallas, Texas.

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