Quit Your Day Job

Apr 4, 2009

Ann Tancio


Forget what you know about bean bags – plus see me in a video!

Look I’ve never been a bean bag kind of guy, I’m pretty certain you have to own a lava lamp to comfortably feature a bean bag in your living room. I don’t have a lava lamp, no I don’t want one, they kind of freak me out. But when the good people at Sumo asked if I wanted to road test an Omni chair I said damn straight I do. what’s an Omni chair?

Then I went and checked them out and thought cool a geek friendly chair that I may be able to do my comic book reading in.

When the chair arrived it came full already which means that I had a huge bean bag at my front door wrapped up like Laura Palmer (that’s in plastic for all you youngems).

I dragged it upstairs where it scared Baxter and took up a sizable spot in my office whilst I waited to get around to opening it, although I admit I had heard so much about the material that I ripped a little hole in the plastic to feel the material which was as space age textured as I was led to believe.


A couple of days later I unwrapped it and took my first go.

Oh my.

I’ve sat in bean bags before and this is like no bean bag I’ve ever sat in. It has this thick material so you don’t feel like you’re going to bust it and I don’t really know what they put in it but it stays generally in the position you molded it to. Suddenly this Omni chair really had potential to fit into my lifestyle.

You see the thing that always deterred me from bean bags apart from the lava lamp bit is that they are only really good for lounging, which is fine because I like lounging but I would rather a chair I can use for other things, specifically for me being able to draw in it.

The Omni chair is great for that because I can get it in the position I want and it’s really comfortable and supportive and I can still draw. So not only is the chair really comfy for reading comics it is also awesome for drawing and you can mold it to all manner of shapes to suit your needs.

So far I have also pretended it was the blob from The Blob and played Indiana Jones with it:

You can order the Omni chairs at their Australian store or their international one. It is a really cool chair and I think worth the $200 price tag, I’m thinking of getting one for Tracey too because she’s been eyeing my one off (Baxter has also been eyeing it off after having overcome his fear but he can wait until they bring out pet beds).

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