Dec 7, 2008

Ann Tancio


So a few months ago Andrew emailed me saying that he makes these giant bean bag chairs and could he send me one? And I wrote him back saying “um dude what do you want in return” and he said all he wanted was a review and I could say whatever I wanted. So I thought about the issues for a while (“If it sucks it would be Impolite to tell everyone that and as a good Canadian this gives me pause”, etc), but I figured I’d chance Impoliteness and give it a try. I picked out the biggest one they have and the good news is that it’s pretty great you guys! It’s huge and comfortable and when they ship them they do some sort of hyper vacuum compression on the foam inside, so when it arrives you have to punch it to break it up again. It is the manliest way to set up furniture that I can imagine.

So anyway when you’re done punching you end up with this enormous bean bag chair that is soft and comfortable, but that is also firm enough that you can shape it around your body in a way that is not at all inappropriate. If you’re looking for a giant bean bag chair that fits even a Ryan-Sized ManTM then I recommend it highly!

Thank you Sumo for sending me a free bean bag chair and for making it good enough that I could actually recommend it to people and now we don’t have to be awkward around each other at parties.

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