Feb 7, 2007

Ann Tancio


The Best Video Game Room Seating – Chairs, Sofas, and Beanbags

Many times as gamers, we focus on building a great collection of games, consoles, and audio/video equipment and tend to forget about the other pieces of our gaming environment that can actually make a significant difference in our entertainment experience.


Seating, in particular, can make a huge difference in longer gaming sessions as the comfort level and posture can vary between different types of seating. There is not a perfect solution for game room seating since different types of seating suit different gaming environments. However, there are a number of unique options for gaming relaxation and I hope to show you the benefits and drawbacks of each in order to help you choose your best option.


Beanbag Chair

The oft-overlooked genre of seating has most of the advantages of a specialized gaming chair with added flexibility, style, and value. A top-quality beanbag can be molded into a number of positions and will actually hold a comfortable shape quite well. They are also easy to move, store, and transport which make it great for apartment dwellers and students that don’t want something big and bulky.

Personally, I have a black Sumo Omni that I have been quite satisfied with (I plan on doing a full review soon). Unlike some cheap beanbag chairs, the “beans” inside are a bit bigger and more durable which results in a long-lasting ability to maintain its shape while being comfortable. You can flatten it out and you can lay out easily on it. Fluff it back up and it will have plenty of extra space providing adequate neck support so you can actually lean back. Cram it up against a wall and the neck support is amazing. Most quality beanbags like the Sumo Omni or products from LoveSac or FOOF, will run you around the $100 range with shipping included. While the price initially sounds high, I’m sure a lot of it goes to pay for the shipping.

On a side note, as a person that moved 6 times, to three different corners of the US in the matter of three years, I can appreciate the advantages of light and flexible furniture. I fell into the temptation of going with inflatable furnature, but was severely disappointed with the discomfort and constant leaking from even the “best” blow-up furniture. While the beanbag chair doesn’t compress down quite as much, it is the best compromise for the frequent mover.


* Infinitely adjustable
* Easy to move & hide
* Modern look
* Relatively inexpensive
* Comfortable


* Not suitable for a formal setting
* Not practical for more than one person

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