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Jul 1, 2008

Ann Tancio


Relicnews’s SumoSac review

A few months ago, Relicnews had the opportunity to review Sumo’s Omni beanbag. Recently Sumo released a new version of their lounge chair called the SumoSac. In contrast to the Omni beanbag, the SumoSac turned out to be a giant fluffy chair. Sumo sent Relicnews the 6 foot model of the SumoSac to review (There are also a four and five foot models as well).


The SumoSac comes delivered in a packed disposable duffel bag. The fifty-six pound bag contained the micro suede cover and a vacuum packed bag full of furniture grade urethane foam. To help reduce shipping size, the foam is packed in a vacuumed bag. The foam is required to be fluffed and aired out for up to 24 hours before it is actually useable. Slipping on the cover is the final step once the foam had a chance to air out. Unlike the rougher Omni’s nylon cover, the micro suede gives the Sac a smooth and comfortable texture.

People who buy this beanbag should be aware that this will take up a lot of room where ever you place it. It is the main reason that the SumoSac ships out in a small-sized duffle bag. The FedEx guy would not be so happy lugging something around that large and heavy for a delivery. My roommates and I actually moved out a couch to put this in a viewable location near our living room TV. In addition, its sheer size made will make it difficult to move around. It is quite important to find a good location to place this before you open up the duffel bag.

SumoSac is probably one of the finest bag chairs I have have thrown myself onto. The foam gives it a cloud-like texture with while still maintaining adequate support. The immense size gives a lot of room for different positions such as curling up like a cat or just lying across the chair sprawled out. With the six foot model we reviewed, you could also fit another person or two onto it. It is definitely a great product for watching television, playing games, or even just lounging around. It is so comfortable that I have taken a nap or two when I was too lazy go back to my room.


The SumoSac should have a place in your home. For the price of $229 and free shipping, the six feet model gives a lot in terms of size and comfort. There are also the four and five foot models, which are offered at lower prices, if you feel that the six foot model is not right for you. If you do not intend to move to new living spaces too often, then this chair will make a great addition in your house/apartment.


  • You will not run out of room sitting or lying down in it. Also perfect for couples as well.
  • Very comfortable. The foam is very fluffy and the suede cover is also easy on the skin.
  • The suede cover is washable, for the times you spill foods or liquids on the chair.


  • It can be too big. Once unpacked it is unwieldy to move around. Plan ahead to avoid issues with placement.

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