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Nov 30, 2007

Ann Tancio


Relicnews’ review of the Sumo Omni beanbag

The Omni is an 18lb. 4.5′ 5.5′ pillow made of rip-proof nylon for its exterior. Tiny foam beads form the support from within the pillow. Its initial shape is a giant sized pillow. It is perfect for a long day at work and just want to lie down. What makes this product special is that you can shape it in many different ways to find your preferred sitting position. The official website for the Omni demonstrates at least eight different positions though if you’re creative enough, you could figure out a few more combinations. In addition, there is a selection of ten different colours, from the dark to the bright neon variety. I got the charcoal green, but I think I might have enjoyed neon green as well.

My impression of this pillow is that it is a comfortable product while maintaining a high level of durability. The beads help to augment the shape you put the pillow in addition to providing comfort and solid body support. My body didn’t cramp up after sitting through Face/Off or an hour of Relic’s Outfit. The nylon texture might annoy some people, but I did not mind it that much at all. Its nylon construction enables it to be used both indoors and outdoors. I managed to spill some orange juice on myself while playing with my Nintendo DS. Luckily, the OJ could not seep into the nylon so cleaning was a breeze. It’s great for watching television, playing games, or even just napping on.

I was very impressed with the quality of the product. Especially with it rugged durability, it’ll last a long time before you ever thought after throwing it out. The nylon is especially tough and the beads do a good job of forming after you’re done putting your weight on it. The MSRP actually pretty steep, but with the current sale it’s only about 130 US dollars.

The bottom line for this product is that I recommend the Sumo Omni. It’s built to last while being comfortable. It won’t enhance your gaming abilities, but you’ll feel comfy at least while playing.

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