Retro Crush

Nov 9, 2006

Ann Tancio



Bean bags from the old days seemed like a great idea on paper, but in reality they ended up being shoddy pieces of crap that would end up getting a hole or two in them and spew tiny white beads into the air like some sort of styrofoam volcano

I was a bit skeptic at first, as the thing is make out of some super high strength nylon that doesn’t look to be all that soft or comfortable, but once I plopped my fat ass down on it, it felt like I was getting a loving bear hug by the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. And the material is so thick and sturdy (and seemingly waterproof) there’s no way it’s ever going to leak tiny beads out.

The coolest thing about the Sumo Omni is that it can be used in a variety of shapes depending on your cravings. As pictured above, you can lay it flat like a bed, prop it up for a great TV watching chair, or any variety of poses to support an “I take take it anymore” collapse of exhaustion after a hard day’s work.

Give them a look at the SUMO WEBSITE. It’s certainly a unique gift idea, and maybe just the thing to treat yourself to. At 4.5 by 5.5, they still only weigh 18 pounds, so it’s not like you’re buying a new elephant. Plus, later tonight I’ll be showing off some sexy pictures featuring a hot model lounging all over one, so tune in!

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