Jul 30, 2009

Ann Tancio

Sumo Sultan Review: The Ultimate Gaming Chair or Ultimate Friend?


I wasn’t sure how I felt about the Sumo Sultan at first. It’s a monstrously large luxury “bean bag chair” that has a removable, washable micro suede cover, and claims to be the ultimate gaming throne. But it’s actually filled with a super sculptable furniture foam, not beans of any sort, and so right off the bat, I felt the Sumo Sultan had lied to me about its true nature, and I could see my other furniture was intimidated by its Brock Lesnarian size.

However, I began to notice how my guests reacted to the Sumo Sultan as opposed to my other furniture pieces. Where I saw apathy to my rustic leather couch and awkwardness and fear to my seven foot wooden Indian carving, I saw enthusiasm to the Sumo Sultan.

It was when my hot-as-fire Asian girlfriend curled up on it and said “This thing is awesome” that I began to realize that this thing is awesome. Not only my Princess of the South Asian Seas, but every guest that visited seemed to be attracted to the Sumo Sultan’s voluptuous promises of comfort. It made my staunchly masculine room more casual, more approachable, more endearing.

In moments when I and the Sumo Sultan were alone, we bonded when I discovered the Sumo Sultan could withstand an elbow drop from the top of my couch, something my coffee table couldn’t even boast. But it was the night I fell asleep inside the Sultan’s loving folds after playing Oblivion that I realized I had started to care less what my friends thought of my Sumo Sultan and more what my Sumo Sultan thought of my friends.

I will say that the Sumo Sultan, like any person, has its shortcomings. As a gaming chair it lacks neck support unless you use a pillow, especially if your TV is mounted high, like mine is. And yes, you could sculpt yourself some neck support from the Sultan’s copious amounts of foam, but doing so is harder than it sounds, mainly from the Sumo Sultan’s tremendous weight and girth. That same awkward weight makes moving Sultan model around quite a Herculean endeavor. They don’t call it Sumo for nothing.

But even though the Sumo Sultan and I don’t agree on everything, it’s still a great, throw anywhere, conversation piece addition to my living room and a pleasure to sit in. The Sultan model is good for game rooms but I would recommend a smaller Sumo model for studio apartments and tighter spaces, lest the Sultan dominate your room with its size and charisma.

Final Word: The Sumo Sultan is a throne that deserves a throne.

Verdict: Ripten Recommended

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