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Aug 24, 2006

Ann Tancio


My new gaming chair

Tired of playing video games in your chair or lying on the floor? Well, I finally found the solution: Sumo Omni Lounge Chair. It’s now possible to have that middle ground you have been looking for here. You no longer need to be playing games on your chair all through the night – only to end up hours later passed out on the floor where there is spilled beer and potato chips. Neither do you have to suffer from lying on an uncomfortable floor the whole time, forced to wear a neck brace the next week because of the unnecessary neck strain caused from constantly looking up. The Omni Lounge chair achieves both these positions, seated and lying down, without any discomfort among with positions I had not even thought to sit in while playing games.

Since the chair adjusts itself to the curvature of your body, once you find that position that allows you to focus and stay comfortable, you can get up and take a break. Or, of course, lie down for your break and the Omni Chair will flawlessly accommodate your napping position. Don’t worry though, if the chair becomes to comfortable to get up, you can either:

  • Roll off it
  • Pull out the hand-held gaming system (i.e. PSP)

This chair does more than just feel good. It looks good. You will find yourself wanting to put this smooth looking chair in the most visible location in your house so you can have friends walk by and drool. I got mine in pitch black, which, trust me, looks as smooth as it sounds. However, there are 7 other colors you can get yours in.

Don’t sleep on this offer (but do sleep on the chair). Get Yours! of.

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