Ryan O’Sullivan

Jul 9, 2009

Ann Tancio


The Sumosac Unboxing

Yes ladies and gentleman the moment you have all been waiting for has arrived – Today, July 6th at approximately 6:21pm EST in the 2009th year of our Lord – My sac arrived.


It’s my Sac in a Box

About a week late (due to a delay in customs – I cannot imagine why the above box would cause any concern) and after taking one of the most inefficient shipment routes I’ve ever seen (Quebec->Mississauga->Whitby->Toronto->Don Mills) my Sumosac has finally arrived.

For those of you wondering what in god’s name a Sumosac is here is the basic run down:  It is a bean bag chair on crack.  Instead of the traditional pellet/ball filling that eventually will end up all over your house it is filled with furniture grade foam like any other chair you likely have in your house.  Basically this is the Cadilac of Beanbag-like furniture.

Is the price you pay (229 bucks in this case) worth it?  That’ll have to wait for my review a week or so from now – for now I’ll cover the unboxing, cause quite frankly after the build up I’m way too excited about unboxing this beast.


Out of the box it started to grow and grow

I had read quite a few reviews both before my purchase (the almost universal high praise in those reviews are what led me to buy this thing in the end) and while waiting for the Sumosac to arrive so I thought I had a good handle on what to expect when the Sumosac arrived – that would be a no – reading about what happens when you open the box just does not do it justice.

As soon as I removed the Sumosac from the box the thing started to expand… not a weak sigh of release for the foam – no, an epic explosion.  Within about 45 seconds the Sac had expanded to about double its shipping size just insane.


Scale at about Unbox + 5 minutes

Above is what it grew to at about the five minute mark as I frantically moved objects in our office/play room to accommodate our new rapidly growing addition.

proceed to jump on this thing, roll around, get in punching matches; everything I could think of doing to break apart the foam I did.  And man it was a lot of fun.  Spending the last year or so as a quasi-cripple has limited the amount of physical fun I’ve had (I know, with the Sac jokes we are already on immature human overload).  THIS WAS FUN.


See – Fun.


You didn’t believe me? FUN!

Ahem.  So now several hours later this thing is getting crazy large.  I debated with Tammy initially about what size to get and man I think I’d be out an office if we had gone any bigger.  We went with the 4 foot model and it is well on its way to reaching that size.  Already the thing is starting to get comfortable, in fact the first time I sat down I thought to myself – you know you can just stop expanding now, you are quite comfortable as it is.


Even Tammy is starting to love the Sac

So with the Sumosac in the house for 5 hours now I can say we’ve already had a lot of fun and even managed to get a few moments of quality time cuddled up in its embarrassing foamy goodness.  And that’s it.  That’s the Sumosac in the O’Sullivan house so far.  I promise if I can ever remove myself from the Sac long enough I will post a full review in a week or so.

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