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Jun 26, 2008

Ann Tancio



Product Review: Sumo’s Omni


Last week, the guys at sent us a couple of their Sumo Omni’s to review. For me, review typically means pointing out the flaws in things (it’s a character trait I am trying to overcome).

While I was expecting a bean bag with a fancy tag, what I got was the most comfortable gaming seat my rear end has ever graced.

So far, my daughter has already spilled juice on it 3 times, and while my first inclination was to put her up for adoption, the Sumo Omni laughed it off. All spills (so far) have wiped right off. The fabric reminds me of astronaut apparel.

This thing is enormous, which could have been a negative, as I only have so much room in my home. As it turns out, this sucker is just big enough for my petite 6 foot 3, 230 lb frame, and has exactly the right amount of foam inside allowing you to form it into anything you want. Unlike a normal “Bean Bag Chair” my Sumo has already enjoyed time as a chair, a futon, a nap platform (3 kids at the same time!), a Rock Band stool, and a stunt landing pad for my 5-year-old son (not recommended for legal reasons). I even managed to play Rock Band guitar in it, something I normally have to stand up for.

Yeah, this thing takes sitting on your ass to the next level.

Speaking of my ass, one of my favorite things about playing extended gaming sessions in the Omni is the total lack of ass fatigue that goes along with it. I sometimes sit in an office chair to play, which leaves me kinda sore or numb after a while. I did 5 hours of the BF:BC demo on Friday night and my posterior felt like it was 18 again when I got up.

The fabric they use for this thing breathes extraordinarily well. Vinyl/Pleathery bean bags can get hot and sweaty during extended use, while this thing does nothing of the sort. Stays cool and dry.

Finally, let’s talk elbow support. Because this thing’s so big and versatile, just by sitting in it your elbows are supported in a way that leaves your console controller at just the right spot in front of you, without having to hold your hands up off your lap. While maybe not too important in a 1-hour game break, this is invaluable during marathon gaming sessions.

I recommend this sucker to anyone, especially if you’ve got kiddos. At 129.99 it is an investment, but it’s a whole lot more comfortable than the curio cabinet my wife paid a lot more. That curio does nothing for me.

So I want to thank Sumo for taking a chance on sending this thing over. I say taking a chance because I was pretty skeptical at first, and warned them, “If it’s just a bean bag dude, I’m going to have to say that.”

That’s no beanbag. It’s a space station.


Check it out for yourself at

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