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Aug 27, 2012

Ann Tancio

Sumo Sway Couple Chair Review

I got a chair recently from a company called

They have a bunch of variations, all presented online with a hot blonde chick in sometimes-provocative poses on them. These are not beanbag chairs for the Brady Bunch. Think Men’s Health, or Details. The implication is you might get to have sex on one of these things.

The one I have is called the Sway Couple. It’s got a nice cloth exterior, a sort of corduroy crimson. It’s big enough for two smallish people to sit side by side, or one person with another on their lap. Maybe a hot chick. Who wants to make out.

So far my experience has been tamer than that. The chair sits in my work office at a fairly conservative university, and most people who sit in it are dropping by for a meeting. But the potential exists.

The chair is comfortable, attractive and very unlike what most of my colleagues sport, so I get a lot of smiles and compliments.

One complaint is that the chair has a slight forward stoop, so you feel just the slightest bit like your sliding forward when sitting in it. I’m considering putting a few phone book on the front lip to balance this out. And it is not noticeable if you prop your feet up on an ottoman.

Given the high price of Herman Miller Aeron chairs (think $600+) the sub-$300 price of the Sumo Sway Couple is reasonable. It looks like it’ll last a long time, and as I say, visitors dig it.

One a scale of 1-5, five being best: 4.

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