Dec 27, 2008

Ann Tancio


Sumo: Lounge for the Holidays

There is nothing I enjoy more then relaxing when I get home. I like to slip into hang out clothes and play on the computer. Sumo’s newest bead filled bean bag chair to lounge around in is – the Sumo Chief Rocker and it has to be the most comfortable “chair” I have ever sat in.

What makes this model stand out is that it the Sumo Chief Rocker is just like the Omni but it ships with an extra metal frame that you tuck into the back to make this extremely comfortable lounge chair – well – more “chair like” with the ability to hold a position.

FedEx delivered a box that was 4.5′ x 5.5′ containing a compressed Sumo bean filled bag. The box does a good job of hiding how large this chair will expand to. Trust me this chair grows!

Now the Sumo Chief Rocker, as with all Sumo products, is designed to take some serious physical punishment. Don’t confuse these Sumos with lame bean bag chairs! Sumo products are constructed with a super tough rip-proof nylon which resists tears or punctures.

At $199 the Sumo Chief Rocker is an affordable chair worthy of any casual TV room, dorm, apartment, or bachelors pad. You can’t go wrong with Sumo bag endorsed by Playboy, US Open Surfing, or the LA Film Festival can you?

It really is the perfect gift for anybody that loves just lounging around in a chair that completely conforms to their body.

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