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Sep 4, 2006

Ann Tancio


The Sumo Omni

Any connoisseur of lounging can testify to the importance of having the right gear. and unfortunately, most, if not all, who have tried a beanbag chair have been disappointed. Whether it’s an outer material that sticks to the skin, inner stuffing that just doesn’t hold position, or the leaks they spring, past history indicated that the concept of a beanbag chair was better in theory then in practice.

After years of life living within the confines of rigid objects like chairs and couches, in came a company called Sumo, specializing in Urban Lounge Gear, offering to send us a sample of their flagship product, the Omni, to test out and review.

What is an Omni?

The Omni is a pillow shaped beanbag chair that serves as a crash mat, lounge chair, loveseat, and a floor pillow to just name a few.

It measures 4.5′ by 5.5′, weights only 18 pounds, and is made from space-age rip, stick, and spill proof nylon.

It is a super-sized pillow that is the ultimate solution for all your relaxing needs. and did we mention; it was designed with people getting dirty on it in mind?

Before accepting the offer, we warned Sumo that we at take relaxation very seriously, so the Omni would have to stand up to a lot of tests before we could endorse it. Sumo replied saying they were so sure that it would; they would give us another one so that we can share the experience with one of our visitors! Needless to say, we accepted the challenge.

Our first impression of the Omni, to sum it up in one word, was great. given our past experiences with beanbag chairs; we had several negative expectations that were proven false immediately. The outer material felt very durable, it was very light given its size, and there were no loose threads in the stitching. This was clearly a pillow, that at the very least, was made with love.

Passing the visual test, we quickly moved onto trying it out. Using the Sumo website as our guide, we fluffed and tucked the Omni through its more common configurations. Position after position, we found ourselves sinking into one of the most comfortable seats we’ve ever experienced.

Clearly, it was time to put the Omni through some more difficult testing. Given the nature of, we needed to see how well the Omni would perform when it was being utilized by more then one person at a time. We invited a team of cheerleaders over to our office, for a little “sexy party,” but when they didn’t return our call. we tricked a few close friends into coming down to the office to help us out. Unfortunately, we promised them that the details of the testing won’t be published, but we can say that the Omni held its form incredibly well through a wide range of positions.

Although we have thoroughly enjoyed this product, we feel that there is one negative aspect to it that definitely deserves mention. Since the Omni arrived at our office, we’ve been having a difficult time getting our visitors to leave. don’t get us wrong, we love having the ladies coming down to make the work day more fun, we just want more time to use it ourselves.

For more information or ordering details on the Omni and other Sumo products, make sure to visit their website.

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