Shannirant reviews the Sumo Sultan

Jun 23, 2015

Ann Tancio


This is what Shannirant had to say about us!

For the last couple of months we’ve been discussing getting furniture that did not leave a person feeling like a human pretzel in need of a chiropractor. Spending hours trying to find a replacement left me feeling like Goldie Locks. The vast majority of furniture was either too small, too hard, too flimsy or too overpriced. We came to the conclusion a bean bag chair would fit our needs perfectly.
I spent hours researching the various sizes, materials, colours and prices looking for the best bean bag. The local department stores bags were exceedingly small and expensive. While hunting online, I stumbled across the “perfect” bag at Sumo Lounge. I was impressed they were a Canadian company who also offered free shipping. I decided to to purchase the black Sumo Sultan, as an added bonus, they had 15 percent off the entire store.poops_on_bean_bag

While trying to place my order, the discount code would not activate. Using their online chat made communicating and rectifying the issue effortless. In the end I saved almost 50 dollars on my purchase and any hesitation about my decision vanished.

After window watching for five whole days, a large box that could be turned into a giant play fort for cats was delivered. With bated breath I opened the box and there it was, a gigantic black blob all nestled in plastic bags. I pulled the bag out and realized I underestimated how big this sucker really was and putting on the suede cover was a two man job. After moving some furniture around, I finally plopped into the bean bag and it was euphoric. I was so relaxed I did not move for hours and even napped on it.kylie_bean_bag

This bean bag is so comfortable that people and felines take their naps on the bag. Since it has become the most coveted piece of furniture in the house I also ordered the Otto. Perhaps the cats will take up residence on that and leave the intoxicating Sultan to the humans.

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