Sick of Your Boring Apartment? Consider These 4 Creative Design Tips

May 23, 2018

Ann Tancio

Specialized interior design industries are expected to rise at a high rate over the next decade: about a 20% increase. Homeowners and renters alike are tired of the same boring and repetitive interior design layouts. No more wooden coffee tables surrounding the same tired furniture that has been there for decades.

It’s time to get a little more creative. And the littler your space, the more creative you have to be. If you live in an apartment, then here are some out of the ordinary home decorating ideas that will surely liven up your home design:

    • White decor layouts — Having an all white blank canvas on your home might sound like it’s a very plain look, but it can actually provide your home’s interior a significant boost in appearance. You can do so much with a white interior, which also makes it that much easier for you to change your home’s appearance and paint over everything. Go with some white furniture with dark or colorful accent pieces and enjoy your home’s fresh new look.


    • Ditch loveseats for fuzzy bean bag chairs — The loveseat trend is officially dead. Who decided that cramped loveseats were the only acceptable form of sitting inside a living room anyway? You don’t have to abide by that antiquated rule. Get some fuzzy bean bag chairs and place them around your apartment. There are nice bean bag chairs that are comfortable for adult seating, as well as large ones that are perfect for your kids’ playroom.


    • Take your bed off the ground — Walk into your bedroom and look at the ceiling. There is so much space there that you’re not using. Now imaging having your bed suspended in the air a few feet below your ceiling, now all that space is accessible and you’ll have even more space underneath your bed. A suspended bed can completely revamp your bedroom and give you some much-needed space, especially in a loft or apartment with high ceilings.


  • Turn your bookshelf into a reading area — The boring rectangular bookshelf is fine for the boring homeowner. But if you want to spice up your home’s interior, consider turning that bookshelf into a circular design where you can actually sit and enjoy those books instead of just looking at them from across the room. Not a fan of the circular design? There are plenty of creative bookcase designs, from DIY ladder shelves to standing desk-bookshelf combinations.

If you want to learn more about the specialized interior design industry or find high quality fuzzy bean bag chairs to liven up your apartment, give Sumo Lounge a call today!

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