Siliconera Sumo Gamer Bean Bag Chair Review

Aug 6, 2009

Ann Tancio


Sumo Gamer: Lounging Like A Sultan Gamer

Say the word bean bags and you probably have a picture of a cheap piece of college furniture in mind. The Sumo Gamer is not that kind of bean bag. This is the Lexus of bean bags. The Sumo Gamer isn’t filled with foam beads, it’s stuffed with chunks of urethane foam which makes it a spongy seat.

My initial reaction was surprise. The Sumo Gamer is huge and it weighs forty something pounds. When the package arrives the Sumo Gamer is crammed into a box. After a day it expanded over forty inches. The specs say its 42″, but it could be bigger if you spread it out into a mini loveseat. However, the Sumo Gamer is the most comfortable when it’s propped up against a wall, for support, and it contours into a personal gaming throne.

Being absorbent, bean bags have a habit of getting dirty. One thing nice feature about the Sumo Gamer is it has a removable and washable cover ensuring your investment won’t be a waste after it soaks up beer.

In a way the Sumo Gamer is an investment. The Sumo Gamer is sold online for $199.99, which makes it more costly than a Nintendo DSi or PSP. Even at that price Sumo Lounge’s comfy gaming chair you can melt into is worth it.

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