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Oct 12, 2006

Ann Tancio

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So we finally tried it…

…the ultimate Sumo Omni experiment!

Setup: 4 Sumo Omni Charcoal Green, 4 Sumo Omni Platinum, 4 Sumo Otto Charcoal Green and 4 Sumo Otto Platinum.

Locations: SK offices in Cologne, Germany and Stockholm, Sweden.

Items used: Coke 0,5 PET bottle, Whopper, regular Kebap (no garlic added), several iPods fully stored with great music, 6 Alienware High-End Notebooks.

If you want to know what really happened at our test labs, click the Read More button!

…after everything was set up, the test started…

You may ask yourself how on earth would SK-Gaming possibly come to the idea of reviewing such a product. Well, the answer is quite simple:

First of all, after an exciting match, everyone needs to rest. You need to calm down and feel comfortable. We all know that. Maybe discuss the best moments with your teammates or coach. Or you want to go over tactics after a certain map.
Anyway, having the Omni around to get down seems way more comfortable than any “regular” chair.

Second we tried it just to hang out with your Notebook, surfing the net or watching some movies or even the latest demos and replays while having a good and healthy dinner and guess what? It worked again.

Last but not least, we wanted to give it the hardest test and made ourselves comfortable in the Omni, plugged in the very best of our MP3 and gave it a shot. After 2 mins and 12 seconds on average we fell into a good days nap.

What we are trying to say here is: The Sumo Omni seems to be the right product to relax before, in between, and after gaming. The Sumo Otto is the right sideboard for the Omni, when it comes to that.

Thanks to the guys at Sumolounge who made this hilarious test possible. Here’s what some of our players had to say about the Sumo Omni:

“This thingie just perfect for hanging out, a nice place to calm down after the adrenaline rush of an important match!”

“It was so much fun chilling in the Sumo Omni I just did not want to leave. The other guys actually had to force me out of it, otherwise I would have missed the next match! :(“

“After closer consideration, it even offers enough space for cuddling. With fall coming up, Nai and me will definitely spend some lonely hours in it :D”

SK-Gaming highly recommends the Sumo Omni and Otto, and entitles it to be the official resting and relaxing device for the team in 2006. Additionally we would like to present Sumolounge as our new supporter – welcome on board!

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