Skateboard City

Sep 20, 2005

Ann Tancio


Sumo Lounge – Omni – Bean Bag Chair

Ok, so you may be wondering what skateboarding and bean bag chairs have in common, but thats only because you have never been lucky enough to relax on a Sumo Omni after a long day of skating.

Sumo Lounge was a sponsor of the X-Games, and their awesome bean bag chairs furnished the athletes lounge. These chairs are amazing. If you’ve ever relaxed on a beanbag chair, you’ll find that the Sumo Omni is on a whole new level of comfort. The thing is massive, literally… When its spread out like a matress, two people can comfortably lay on this thing. The material is tough, yet perfectly comfortable. My cat enjoyed biting the corners and going crazy jumping on it while its spread out and not even a mark.

Inside you will find tiny white styrofoam balls, and you can buy more of them and put them inside the bag to make it more full. The bag has a discrete velcro opening on one of the sides, then a zipper which lets you put more styrofoam in or whatever… It’s amazing how simple this bag sounds and how phenomenally this thing works… You can put this thing into different shapes, simply lift it up, get all the styrofoam into one corner of the bag, then sit on it, it becomes a comfortable chair…
I can’t express how comforable this thing really is, nothing comes close to it.

Anyway, some other good points are its light weight, so you can carry it around the house, bring it into your living room for a movie, or your bedroom to relax in… Its light, a nice bonus. To sum it all up, this bag is super good, I couldn’t find a downside, it didn’t wear/damage when draging it on hardwood floors or being attacked by a pet. Comes in lots of nice colours… go out an buy one, you won’t regret it.

Bean bag put into a chiar-like shape. Super comfy.


The Sumo tag looks cool.


Bean bag in matress form, cat testing it out.


The hidden opening and styrofoam balls.

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