Jul 31, 2008

Ann Tancio

I recently picked up a Sumo sac from the guys at

Then Jelena and I decided to see how many positions we could get it in

We started simple just laying the sac out on the ground and seeing how it looked, we figured we should start here before we go too crazy!

From there we decide to see how it would handle the forward lounging. A very essential video game position!


After that we figured we would check out the pirate ship. Which the Sac held up and formed to quite well!


Then it was time to break out the controllers. Lets face it, the bag may be comfy, but how does it ride when my girl is handling the hardware and putting up her high scores! She gave it a 9.7!


Time to go back to the standard PS3 controller. Once again the sac scored big, comfy, and molded to her body. She was feeling a groove while putting her hands to good use!


Fully focused and now fully relaxed on the sac. The custom formation made the sac prop up behind her and create a fantastic mold of her ass, I wasn’t complaining!


Looking good Jelena!


Back to the traditional Wii controller and a little Mario. She loves her new sac!

In the end we found ourselves a cool new chair for the game room and for when we want to plop down right in front of the TV for a challenge or two. These Sacs move easily around the room and form to your body in pretty much any position you feel like sitting in, we all know when we sit down for a good session we want to be comfortable. The next one I get will be one of the big ones, see how the two of us fit in it.

These things are great you can get them here at the SumoLounge

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