Jul 14, 2009

Ann Tancio



In an effort to expand what we cover on Sleevage we will occasionaly be posting about things over than music covers. Don’t worry this wont become the main focus just a light sprinkle of other content to mix it up. If you have suggestions on what we should cover (headphones will be next) or think it’s a terrible idea post in the comments.

First off we review the Sumo Omni bean bag. Perfect for flopping into when you come home and need to chill out with headphones on.

While it sounds like a wind up I’m actually a real bean bag connoisseur. In half my social network profiles I mention them and if my apartment was bigger I’d have more than just one.

The Sumo bag has been in the office for the last 3 months and I’ve been using it every time I jump on the Xbox, play some tunes and the occasional brainstorm session.

It’s also been a talking point which starts with “what the hell is that?” The thing with the Sumo is it doesn’t look like a bean bag. It’s just a giant sized square pillow. This has one negative and that is the beanbag has corners and with the material these can be sharp. Well as sharp as a beanbag can be. The shape does give the bean bag a much more stylish look than the usual shape.

The Charcoal green one we have is made from a PVC coated Nylon. The PVC initially felt very rough to me. I’m used to corduroy which is much softer. However the PVC is much easier to clean. My current beanbag is littered with stains and emptying it out and putting it into the washing machine is too much effort.

After using the sumo chair for a few weeks and then going home to my old bean bag I can really notice the difference. I much prefer the new chair mainly for the more firm seating position.

If only I looked as sexy as the model in the photo.

Sumo also sell a Gamer Sac and a huge Gigantor sac that unless you own a mansion will probably take up your entire apartment.

The sumo Omni is now available in Australia so you can have one of these bad boys in your home or office in 2-3 days. I’d say as an office chair it’s not the best solution but for a brainstorm fun chair in meeting rooms it’s a nice addition to the room. I’ll also be looking to move this bean bag into my place and retire my old one to my room.

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