Dec 5, 2006

Ann Tancio


So here’s the short of it. The Sumo Omni is amazingly comfortable, tough enough to withstand the machinations of my 6-year-old and perfect for you college kids and jetsetters dealing with dorm and city life. Check out the website for cool pics of the thing!

Here’s my slightly longer review! The material of the Sumo Omni is tough so it looks uncomfortable but I tell you honestly the first time I propped that thing up and sank into it I almost fell asleep. Yes, there was almost no comic that day for I would have easily slept past site-update without the comic being finished and in the queue (and no, the Sumo Omni was NOT the reason the Sunday comic was twelve hours late, but it could have been). I’m actually amazed at how comfortable the chair is at every angle of incline. It’s like the ultimate magic recliner, although it is low to the floor for my TV stand. I have only one thing, ONE THING, against the Sumo Omni. I’m getting oooold, so once I’m IN the Sumo Omni, it’s tough to get myself out of it. And as soon as my daughter sees me in it, an idea instantly pops into her head for why I should be out of it. Like magic! Yet sad magic!

My daughter loves it, and is my best gauge for durability, and quality. It has become both her casual reading chair and her personal jump-on thingy, and she is not happy that it has to get packed away to make room for the Christmas Tree. She gives it her full support NOW although a few days ago something happened that gave her pause. The second day Leah discovered a few pieces of Styrofoam on the floor in the living room and thought the Omni might be leaking. *I* though it was from all the holiday packages arriving from Amazon and Ebay. But she was determined to do her part to verify the Sumo was not leaking and in her own scientific controlled environment converted the Sumo into her personal trampoline for almost an hour. For science of course! And the chair did not break.

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