Smythe Richbourg Reviews Sumo’s New Bean Bag Chairs

Mar 28, 2018

Ann Tancio


Hey Sumo Lovers!

As many of you know, some time ago, we introduced a few new bean ban bag chairs to the Sumo Family! Among the introduced chairs this last year was the Sumo Solace, a beautifully designed lounge chair that form fit around anyone’s body with ease!  It is like your chair is actually hugging you!


Recently, Smythe Richbourg from The Gadgeteer reviewed said chair and we want to thank him so much for his efforts!


Not only does he give reasons as to why he enjoys the chair but he also provides a history on the style,  specs on the design, what you can find in the box, how to set it up and his first experience with the chair itself!  This is one of the most detailed and entertaining reviews I have ever had the pleasure to read and we can’t thank Smythe and Julie enough!


I don’t want to spoil it for you so check out their amazing review HERE and give them some support!  We hope them all the best in the future and hope that our Solace treats them well for years to come!


Also, the Solace is currently available in the US HERE, but if you are in a different country and will like to try it out, just give us a call at 1866 340 7866 and we can help you get it to most countries in the world, with an added shipping charge.

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