Snow Dogs Tries Out Another Sultan Bean Bag!

Aug 30, 2018

Brad Ellis


Hey Sumo Lovers!

It has been our pleasure once again to work with the amazing guys at the youtube channel Gone to the snow dogs or Snow dogs vlogs!

As we have said many times before, we absolutely love these guys and their adorable dogs as well!  We will continue to work with them as well since we want to continue supporting them in what they do every day!

This time we sent them a purple Sultan bean bag chair and it seems they are enjoying the quite a bit!  You can check out that adorable video HERE!

If you guys want to try out the chairs these adorable creatures are relaxing on then you can do so HERE if you are in the US, HERE if you are in Canada and HERE if you are in the UK!  They come in many colors and a few different fabric types as well so there is something there for everyone!  And as you can see they are very pet friendly!

We do however want to take some time to remember Oakley… If you are not fans of Gone to the snow dogs or snow dogs vlogs, than we wanted to tell you of a wonderful dog that these amazing people have just lost… We did not know Oakley personally but after working with his family for so long we felt it necessary to wish them all the best and give our condolences for their recent loss… Please make sure to give them your support and watch Oakley’s last Vlog, he was an amazing dog and even though we are not in this video we want you guys to give this wonderful family all the support you can and watch this amazing dogs last Vlog.  You can see that video HERE

We wish them all the best.

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