Southern Kissed

Apr 2, 2014

Ann Tancio


I was sent a Sumo Gigantor to review and let me tell you, this product lives up to its name.  This is the largest bean bag I have ever seen.

As you may already know, sumo wrestling involves two large men going at each other in a ring.  This bean bag is about the size of two sumo wrestlers.   It is giant.   The poor guy who delivered it was about the same size as the box in which the bean bag had been carefully packed.


As soon as I unpacked it, it began to immediately expand.  I highly recommend opening the box in the room for which you plan on keeping the bean bag.  It takes a little bit of work to get it through a doorway once it has expanded.  I was completely blown away by how large it *poofed* up to be.


There are two parts to the bean bag.  The “inside” is neatly packaged in a white fabric.  The outside is made of microfiber and is really well constructed.  Look at the stitching below:


Zippers can be real buggers.  This one glides along without any hitches.


The cover is easy to remove, wash, and replace.  Well, putting the cover back on after it has been laundered does take a little work, but it is not difficult.


I have had the bean bag for about two weeks and here are my thoughts:

It is very durable.  It has taken a lot of abuse in the short time that we have had it.  It has been plopped on numerous times by myself and a few preteen boys.  What good is having a bean bag if you can’t plop on it?  (I don’t recommend that you do it at home.  I just wanted to convey that it has taken a lot of abuse and survived quite nicely.)

As with most new things, there was a very slight odor.  It was not off-putting and I only noticed it when I was in close contact to the bean bag.

The bean bag is HUGE.  I would not recommend it for small places.  That being said, it would be perfect in a large media or playroom.  To give you an idea of the size, below is a picture of my nearly 100 lb. Labrador and me (sorry, no disclosure on my weight).  I have another dog who also gets also gets on it with me.


The Sumo Gigantor shown costs $479.  Keep in mind, this is not like any bean bag that you will find at the ‘Mart.

Here is information taken directly from Sumo’s website:


The Sumo Gigantor is our largest bean bag chair. From the looks of it you would think it could seat a small village – for all we know it can! These big bean bag chairs are not only huge in size, but in style as well. We now carry two different bean bag cover fabric choices, including our original microsuede beanbag cover, corduroy oversized bean bag cover, and the all new Ultimate Fur!


The Sumo Gigantor carries the distinction of being the coolest big bean bag chair ever created. Its size is only mirrored by its popularity. You cannot find the same size bean bag chair in stores or online that is made from the same quality materials at as low of a price. Retail stores mark up their prices and other online stores sell discount bean bags made from cheap materials. Only at Sumo Lounge can you find the best big bean bags online, without having to leave your house or getting out of your pajamas!

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