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May 12, 2010

Ann Tancio


What We Like: Remember those Cozy PAX East Bean Bag Chairs?

The very first PAX East took place this year at the Boston Convention Center where geeks of every niche attended en masse. It was so much fun because it was for geeks by geeks, I’m sure E3 is equally exhilarating — but nothing like the fun of just enjoying games and hanging out with your friends (and Twitter friends!). So many great things happened there — great games, drunken hobos (was that us?), nerds just like myself to hang out with, heck, I bought my very first personal D20 (and a matching “I roll 20’s” shirt). But alas, those aren’t the things I remember best from PAX East. Remember those cozy human-sized bean bag chairs?


After traversing the crazy show floor for three full days littered with the very thing we came to experience — games and more games, I had been able to honestly see every single thing on the show floor in but a single day. (I walk fast, I’m a New Yorker!)

But there was more to see outside just the show floor: there were tons and tons of panels to explore and sit in on and of course the one who lordes over us all, food. Passing through the hallways you’d see a human line of gigantic bean bag chairs — bean bags like you’d throw in a hole as a kid — but big enough to sleep on, sit on, or morph to any shape you like, just filled with people relaxing, sleeping or playing on their DS or PSP. After a lazy Sunday, I finally plopped onto a curiously comfortable chair and whipped out my DS to connect with a stranger beside me and we Tetris’d it up. I think what I like best about them (since I didn’t really want to be on the floor) is that it is totally morphable to be comfortable for any seated or laying position you can think of. After PAX I curiously searched up these gigantors online and found out who makes these chairs and if you can get them for home. They’re made by SUMO Lounge and the ones that were at PAX were the Omni-sized ones which come in an enormous supply of colors (10) to choose from (I prefer the brown and charcoal green the most). You can check them out here (with free shipping, bless the gods since they’re huge…). And that is what we wanted to share with you first in this new feature, “What We Like” – !

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