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Jul 17, 2007

Ann Tancio


SUMO – Giant ass bean bags!


Before I spew about the wonders of SUMO “urban lounge gear” I should disclose that I contacted SUMO about the possibility of giving away some free SUMO products to a couple of SplitReason customers and Andrew @ SUMO kindly agreed so we’ll be running a couple of contests to give away a couple of these bad boys in the coming weeks!

SUMO, in a nut-shell makes ginormous bean bags that are designed to offer a flexible lounging solution. Brian and I first ran across them when we started seeing ads for their products over at Penny-Arcade and then we promptly saw them make an appearance at PAX where hundreds of gamers were found making all manner of shapes out of them to provide comfortable seating and lying around cushions. Our friends over at Ctrl+Alt+Del also recently made use of them at Digital Overload. In this capacity, i.e. lan parties, conventions, any event where seating space is at a premium, but you want to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere without having attendees complain about ass soreness from sitting on the floor, SUMO giant bean bags, otherwise known as their “Omni” line and their smaller “Otto” bean bag chairs are a perfect solution.


For those of you looking to outfit your recreational space, be it in your holy gaming space or business lounge, SUMO products are again, a fine fit, in particular because they offer a good selection of colors. As for our personal experience with SUMO products, the first thing you’re floored by is the size of these things. See those photos of the cute girl posing with them? She ain’t no midget. errr little person. They are in fact that large and dare I say it, provide an awesome napping platform. Comfort is also a big selling factor. Being able to shape this thing into pretty much an ideal lounging/seating form makes it surprisingly comfortable. My only minor gripe with the product is the material outer shell. It’s designed more for durability than comfort and some may find it to be a little harsh to start off with. Aside from that, price point, the fact they offer free shipping and their incredibly light weight makes them a pretty kick-ass product. If you are however stressed for space, I would suggest looking more at the Bean Bag chair (Otto) as an option, as the Omni now occupies a sizable chunk of my already jam-packed apartment.


Look for the coming SUMO give-away contests here soon!

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