Dec 9, 2013

Ann Tancio


Make a loved one feel special with personalized ice cream, sorbet and gelato from You can create your own flavors and come up with a unique name for your creation, such as “Amy’s Christmas Ice Cream.”  Mix-ins include everything from chocolate to bacon.  Yummy! But the customization comes with a price – sampler packs include four pints and start at $49.99 plus shipping, plus personalization.

The Sumo Sultan bean bag chair is so comfy it feels like you’re sitting on top of a giant cottonball. Kick back and relax in this extraordinarily comfortable cordury covered seat. It’s perfect for lounging around and watching TV, playing video games or just relaxing after a long day at work school. Who are we kidding – these bean bags are fun for kids of all ages! $279 with free shipping.

Sumo Lounge, Clock, Hobbit Legos

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