May 5, 2013

Ann Tancio

Check Out The Sumo Emperor, The King Of Beanbag Chairs

Everyone at the Starpulse east coast office is such a big fan of Sumo beanbags that the employees all fight over who can take home the company’s latest offering.

The newest addition to the Sumo family is the Emperor, a fiery red chair that’s shaped like a donut and is just as comfortable as it looks.

The chair is conducive to mid-day siestas (but only if your office allows it!) and would be a great addition to a home office (where cat naps are more permissable), a family room, or child’s bedroom.

Unlike traditional beanbag chairs, the Emperor doesn’t feel lumpy or make a crunching sound when you sit on it – or should we say sink in it. The chair feels fluffy and cloud like.

The website boasts: “With special Sumo fill, this bean bag is long lasting and one of our comfiest yet!” and we’d have to agree. Once you sit down on it, you don’t want to get up.

The biggest problem with the Emperor is finding a spot to put it. Measuring 55″ x 25,” it takes up quite a bit of space. But you know what they say – the bigger, the better!

The Sumo Emperor would be perfect for gaming, surfing the web, watching TV, or just hanging out with friends.

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