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Oct 17, 2008

Ann Tancio


Sumo Omni Review

I’m sitting in the Sumo Omni as I write this. Not because it’s essential to composing a review, but simply because it’s the most comfortable seat in my home. For the past few weeks, whether I’m playing a video game, watching TV, enjoying a movie, listening to the radio or just chatting with my wife, I’ve chosen to drop my ass in the Omni over every other piece of furniture I own. I’ve fallen asleep in the Omni several times, and even seriously considered replacing my sofa with a row these wonderful sacks of serenity. The reasons for this are simple.

Reason #1: Moldability
Unlike traditional bean bag chairs which compress and flatten when you sit on them, the Omni retains whatever shape you mold it into, even over the course of several hours of lounging. Form it into any of the various shapes detailed on the Sumo website (or create your own), make yourself comfortable, then marvel as it stays remarkably supportive against the weight and curves of your body. And while the foam beads clump together to create a rigid form, they still maintain a supple and spongelike cushionwherever you press against them.It’s this feature that makes the Omni a true standalone piece of furniture. Several of the forms I like to put it in create a substantial back rest which requires no stationary object (like a wall) to provide full support. You can also fashion arm rests, leg rests, head rests, lumbar support and more in endless shapes, angles and combinations.

Reason #2: Portability
The Omni is large enough to support a grown man, but light enough to pick up and transport to wherever it’s needed, thanks to its featherweight foam bead filling. While most stationary furniture requires at least two people to move, the Omni can easily be carried or tossed single-handedly. Imagine having the ability to move your favorite chair to any room of your house, through doorways, up and down stairs, all with minimal effort.

Reason #3: Durability
The Omni is made out of a nylon material that Sumo touts as being “rip proof”, and I believe them. As soon as you put your mitts on it, you can tell that you’re handling high quality material. The construction is also top-notch, from the triple stitched edges to the velcro reinforced zipper opening. This “function over form” approach will be greatly appreciated the first time you spill some soda, drip a little ice cream or stand up to find a layer of Doritos crumbs beneath you. The Omni seems to repel all liquids (everything from water to Bloodhound drool in my experience), while food substances that would mar standard fabrics can be washed off with a little soap and water.


I mentioned the Omni’s first-rate function, but that’s not to say that it lacks form completely. While it probably won’t win any awards for style, it’s likely to be the most interesting piece of furniture in the room. At worst, it’s a great conversation piece, as anybody seeing one for the first time is guaranteed to want to try it out. The fact that it comes in a wide variety of colors helps by giving you the flexibility to match your existing decor.

The Omni is vastly superior to any other flexible lounge furniture (bean bag chair, futon, etc.). Hell, it’s as comfortable and more durable than most permanent lounge furniture, and well worth its price tag, especially with free shipping. I highly recommend getting one for almost any room where lazy comfort can be appreciated, but certainly, no gaming setup is complete without one (or two) of these in front of the TV.

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