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Oct 16, 2007

Ann Tancio


Oh my gosh, if you can get yourself one of these Sumo’s get one. This is one huge bean bag. I got this in the Funky Brown as it matches most of the house. After taking this out of the huge box, my kids (teens) took it over. They had a blast twisting and turning this bag into the many shapes it can be turned into. My daughter likes it best as a crash mat… as that is what she did on it… fell asleep!

My son took this in his room (which does not match.. deco is Cubs) and used it to lean against his wall to play video games. They both think this is super comfortable.

But the big test came when my husband used it. He laid on it and rolled around till he found the most comfortable position… and fell asleep on his stomach!!

This is built to last! It is tough construction makes it very durable. It is made out of Ballistic nylon. So if the kids spill anything on it, it is easy to wipe up. We now have this in my bedroom where I relax and watch T.V. But sometimes the dog makes her way to it and lays on it.

We really all love this and really recommend it. With one Sumo you can create so many ways to use it!

Can be purchased at Sumo Beanbags for $129 and shipping is Free!

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