Sumo Gamer Bean Bag Chair Review By PSNation On PodCast!

May 1, 2018

Ann Tancio

Hey Sumo Lovers!

Our friends over at PSnation have been generous enough to give our Gamer Cord bean bag chair a shout-out during their podcast 569!

We have been working with these guys for many years and we have to say how proud of them we are for going on strong to this day!

They have been around since the dark ages of the internet when we were all still using AOL and Netscape! To have their podcast and website remain strong for this many years is truly impressive so don’t forget to give them your support on their site or the podcast HERE!

Many of us here are listeners of their podcast and event though we may not be able to catch every episode, we still enjoying each and every one that we listen to!

They speak briefly about our Gamer Cord and will be posting a review of said product on their site shortly!  We will make sure to update you as soon as that goes live as well!

If they peaked your interest in our Gamer chair then do not worry, you can get your own at a discounted rate!

If you are in the US you can purchase it HERE!

If you are in Canada you can purchase it HERE!

If you are in the UK you can purchase it HERE!

If you are not in any of those regions, do not worry!  We still have warehouses all over the world that will be able to ship the Gamer to you!  Simply contact us at 1866 340 7866 or at our email and we will be able to assist you in purchasing out Gamer!

Have a great day everyone and don’t forget to ask us about any coupon code that we may have so that you can save more on your chair!

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