Sumo Lounge Founder Takes on New Challenges

Mar 4, 2013

Ann Tancio

Andrew Milligan started his company, Sumo Lounge, in 2004. Through hard work, ingenuity and a bit of luck, the young entrepreneur saw the company grow into the successful multi-brand it is today.

After much debate and numerous offers over the years, Andrew has recently finalized the sale of the company to a group of private investors – who have big plans to expand the company even further.

Though confident that this decision is for the best, it was a tough one to make.

“I’m proud of the company that I’ve created and especially of the way I’ve always interacted with my clients”, he says.

“Although I will miss them, I’m confident the company will be in good hands as it grows and implements improvements including customer service upgrades and additional services.”

Andrew felt that after 9 years, he had taken the company as far as was possible (including daily shipments to 49 countries) for profitability. He will remain as a consultant for the brand, while taking a much needed sabbatical which will include another great passion of his; leisure travel.

“For the first try at starting a business at only 25, I would say I hit a home run. It’s time to take it easy for a while but I know I will be back with some new business ideas in the not so distant future,” he concludes.

Sumo Lounge is now part of the Sumo Brand International

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