SumoLounge Omni Bean Bag Chair: Hands-on

Aug 13, 2009

Ann Tancio

SumoLounge Omni Bean Bag Chair: Hands-on

Around one month ago we were contacted by the guys at Sumo Lounge and asked if we would like to review one of their Bean Bag Chairs. We would normally post a review much sooner than this, but it’s been pretty busy here at Product Reviews.

The good news is we’ve had a good month of hands-on time with the Omni from Sumo Lounge. This includes using it as somewhere just to crash, to play the Playstation 3 from, and as another seat when all the others are taken.


When Sumo say “The possibilities really are endless” they are not joking, the sitting and chilling positions you can create with the Omni chair are both fun and interesting.


Being used to testing electronics and gadgets, it’s hard to think where to start with the Omni beanbag chair. After just 5 minutes looking into the company behind this product you quickly see how widely known the brand is, and how much they care about their products.


You only need to look at the events page on where you will find many photos showing Sumo with celebrities and major brands. This includes Playboy, MTV, Miniclip, the Much Music Video Awards, and a lot more.

Over the last month we have tried the Omni chair in just about every position, although our two favorites were as a crash mat lay out flat, and in a gaming position.


When you first sit down on the Omni chair you feel like it’s not just a bean bag, it feels really comfortable – even more so when you just dive on it – and it seems more than just a bean bag, becoming part of your home furniture. This is helped more when choosing a color that matches your current décor (our review model was ‘Funky Brown’, you can see all color options here).


While we appreciate a product looking good, it still needs to be made well and tough considering this is a beanbag that will most definitely go through a certain amount of abuse. The Omni is made with pretty tough stitching and space age rip-proof nylon, which handles most spillages extremely well – as we found out – only needing a wipe clean.


The most annoying point about the Omni beanbag was staying comfortable. You will find a great position and feel great, but after you get up it’s not quite the same again. This means a few minutes of moving around until you find that perfect spot again (not good when watching a movie).


Main Omni Features Include:

  • Filled with top quality sumo beads
  • Space age rip-proof nylon, stays new looking – easy to clean
  • Measures big – 4.5′ X 5.5, but weighs little – just 18lbs
  • 10 different positions (discovered so far – some say we lack imagination)
  • 10 achingly fashionable colors to choose fromProduct-Reviews-09-7The Omni is one of their most affordable models, costing $149.00 with free shipping included and a guarantee for 100 percent satisfaction.

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