Nov 12, 2010

Ann Tancio


online: sumo beanbag

it seems like one of the trickiest furniture items to pin down these days is a decent couch. a simple enough item in theory but in a world full of less than perfect designs and even less desirable price tags, we’re currently going gaga over l.a.-based sumo, and in particular their omni bean bag. these guys keep it simple. made from slick, rip-proof nylon and filled with maleable cushioning beads, these babies can be contorted into any number of reclining positions and placed just about anywhere in your modernist abode [ours has moved from the living room to the bedroom about four times in the past 24 hours].

more like a giant minimal scatter pillow than a traditional beanbag, the omni measures in at 4.5′ X 5.5′ but only weighs 18 lbs. which is more than we can say for the last sofa that ultimately ended up on the trash heap. sumo’s are surprisingly sexy and suit just about any kind of surrounding furniture. they come in a variety of sizes, colors and fabrics [we recommend the nylon omni in black] and are super easy to clean. undoubtedly an affordable, modern alternative to a standard two-seater sofa, if you’re pulling your hair out about the next living room ensemble try these guys on for size.

like us, you will most likely fall into a sumo and forget about that great divide bewteen b&b italia and the ikea showroom. the omni and other sumo products are available online.


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