Dec 9, 2008

Ann Tancio


Gift Guide: Sumo Omni


Two Sumo Omni Bean Bags (Gamer, Under $500)

There’s just something about playing games right in front of the TV. Games are meant to be immersive, and being up in the grill of your 50-inch widescreen display certainly helps matters, but you need something to keep you there in comfort. Enter the glorious beanbag: Sumo makes the best we’ve found, available in an array of different sizes and colors, and more importantly made of comfortable, extremely durable nylon and Sumo beads. They can be shaped to fit any variety of slouch, and are impressively child-resistant. Give one of these chairs, and your gamer will be ready to go, but a gift of two of these babies ($179 each) completes the ultimate gaming setup.

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