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Dec 17, 2008

Ann Tancio


Sumo Chief Rocker Review

These last few weeks have really been a great time for gaming and over the extended Thanksgiving break, I took the chance to break in the latest lounger from Sumo called the Chief Rocker. In the past, I’ve taken a closer look at both the SumoSac and the Sumo Omni, so I was eager to rest my backside in Sumo’s most recent addition to their urban lounger lineup.

Much like the Sumo Omni PLUS, the Sumo Chief Rocker is the same size and made of the same material, but adds a metal frame that’s inserted inside the cushion. This gives the Chief Rocker a more rigid shape that makes it a little less versatile than the SumoSac or the Omni, but you’ll get a lot more support.

The Chief Rocker gets its comfort from its filling which is composed of 100% shredded furniture grade urethane foam that is wrapped in a super soft microsuede cover. The dimensions of the lounger are 54 x 45 x 35 so it’s plenty big to kick back in without being as massive and difficult to move around as the SumoSac Gigantor.


Upon receiving the Chief Rocker, minimal setup was involved to get it ready for some relaxation. The cushion arrived compressed in a medium sized box and after taking it out of the plastic wrap and fluffing it up for a bit, I just need to put the metal frame together and slide it inside the cushion. An easy to access pocket along the underside of the cushion allowed the frame to slide right in without the need to expose the urethane foam core of the rocker.



Now if only someone would bring me something to drink, I’d have it made!

One thing to note here is that one should be sure to really spend a few minutes fluffing up the cushion before putting the frame inside the chair. This will make it as soft as possible as the foam pieces break up for a nice smooth feel throughout the cushion. If the chair ever needs further fluffing up, it would simply be a matter of pulling the frame out of the Velcro sealed pocket then sliding it back in.

Now that the cushion was softened up and the metal frame was giving the chair its support, it was time to plop back in the Chief Rocker and get my game on. While some of the other loungers Sumo makes are designed to be a bit more versatile with various shapes and ways to use them, the Chief Rocker is much more straight forward. It’s made to function much like a rocking chair that gives more support than their bag loungers, so you just sit back in it and relax. The frame is designed with just enough of a curve to it to allow you to rock back and forth without the risk of rolling too far back for your own good. As you lean back in the chair, your weight will recline the rocker a bit so you can take a load off your feet.

As always, the cushion is quite cozy and the shredded urethane foam really does feel like your backside is resting on a cloud. Sumo has had a lot of experience in this business and they’ve really come up with a winner in the Chief Rocker. The balance of form and function along with the level of comfort has proven to be the reason that Sumo’s Chief Rocker is my favorite of their expanding lineup of loungers.


I really like the idea of a more rigid chair that still feels like a lounger and the Chief Rocker gets the job done in that regard. You won’t have to fidget around for a comfortable position and you don’t need to worry about the chair losing its shape. The Chief Rocker is ideal for gamers who are searching for a comfortable chair to relax in while enjoying hours of gaming action that’s easy to move around when necessary. Sumo now offers a little something for everyone, whether you are looking for the versatility of their bag style loungers or the support of the Chief Rocker.

On the downside, while the cover of the Chief Rocker is the same microsuede of the SumoSac, the inner urethane filling is not enclosed within a canvas bag like it is inside the SumoSac. With the SumoSac, this allows the outer microsuede cover to be removed and machine washed without exposing the foam filling. With the Chief Rocker, the foam is inside the microsuede so you really can’t remove the cover in case of a spill. You can however vacuum any pet hairs or light dirt that might end up on the surface, but if you spill a soda or anything like that, you might be left at the mercy of some sort of furniture safe cleaner. That’s really the only thing about the construction of the Rocker I could complain about. It would have been nice if the cover was removable in case it needed to be cleaned.


Tubby gives it two paws up!

The Bottom Line

Anyone looking for a no hassle, straight forward rocker-style lounge chair should give Sumo’s Chief Rocker some serious consideration. Sumo lists the Chief Rocker for $199 and will ship the lounger via FedEx for no additional charge. Sumo may not make the most affordable loungers on in the market, but you definitely get what you pay for. The level of quality is second to none, from the design to the materials, and the Sumo Chief Rocker is an investment your body will thank you for each and every time you lay back in it.

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