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Jun 19, 2008

Ann Tancio



This past November we reviewed the Sumo Omni Bean Bag from Sumo Lounge and were quite impressed with the versatility and durability of the product. Based upon the success of their initial lounger, Sumo has recently added the newly designed SumoSac lounge chair, an alternative to the Omni that features a more comfortable cover and various sizing options. Having spent hours relaxing, working and gaming in the Omni, we jumped on the chance to check out the SumoSac.

The SumoSac is delivered in a large duffle bag, and when we say large we mean it. The shipping label listed the bag weighing in at a whopping 55lbs. Sure that might not be enough to break your back, but that’s pretty heavy considering we are talking about a lounge chair here. Upon opening up the duffle bag and removing its contents we found that the SumoSac itself had been vacuum compressed and sealed to minimize its shipping size and keep everything neatly packed. One thing to point out here is not to expect to simply receive the package and flop down on the chair as soon as it arrives.

There is a little bit of preparation work to be done in order to get the chair in a more functional form. The first thing to do after removing the plastic covering is to put the microsuede cover of the Sac itself aside and begin breaking up the bag itself. Sumo has packed the SumoSac with 100% shredded furniture grade urethane foam, a highly durable material that gives the chair its form and function. This is actually a lot harder than it sounds, particularly because the SumoSac we received was the largest size available measuring 3ft high by 6ft wide and weighing in at 55lbs. You’ll definitely get a workout in breaking up and fluffing the chair but this is a necessary step in the process due to the product being vacuum sealed for shipment. The best way to fluff the chair is to continually pick it up from one side and roll it over like a giant ball of dough you were kneading before baking. Sumo actually recommends that after breaking up the chair for the first time that we let it sit for a period of 24 hours and repeat the process to further fluff the chair. This is because the heavy duty foam takes some time to expand once the vacuum seal has been broken.


This fat cat approves!

After waiting a day and fluffing the chair up some more, it was finally time to unfold the microsuede cover and wrap the SumoSac. I was amazed at just how big the SumoSac had become as it had definitely fluffed up quite a bit overnight and it looked nothing like the compact package that arrived at my doorstep the previous day. Sitting in the corner of my office, the SumoSac looked more like a massive piece of furniture than a beanbag chair and for a second I wondered just how I would go about laying or sitting down in it. Then I decided to just leap into it and see how things worked out. Upon doing so I was fully engulfed by the SumoSac with plenty of room to spare. I felt as if it had gobbled me up and I was almost worried I’d need help escaping its grasp. It may sound like I’m exaggerating here, but trust me I’m not. This thing could eat small children if they are left unattended within its vicinity.

Now that we all understand the SumoSac is a massive chair of epic proportions, let’s get down to how it fares as a piece of furniture. I’m talking about comfort and support. The heavy duty urethane foam does an excellent job supporting the body while providing a soft cushiony feel. Whereas the Sumo Omni is designed to be much more pliable and adaptable to different shapes, the SumoSac is a more uniform lounger that you simply plop down in and relax. I found it fantastic for lying in with the laptop or for a quick afternoon nap. It’s actually large enough that you can sit far enough back in it to also support your legs without needing any sort of footrest.

The SumoSac is very sturdy thanks to the foam inside it, however while its best feature is the level of support it offers, it also makes it a little difficult to position yourself within because it’s not quite as flexible as the Sumo Omni. This isn’t a big deal if you are just relaxing in the SumoSac and don’t plan on moving around too much, but in the instance of using the chair for gaming you’ll have to work your arms a bit to get yourself in a good position. I actually found myself throwing a few elbows to drive the sac away from my shoulders enough so I could sit comfortably with my arms to the sides while gaming. If you are the type that tends to move your arms around a lot while gaming, you might find yourself more restricted by the SumoSac than you may like. That said, it really wasn’t too difficult working into a position that allowed me to kick back and relax while enjoying a few hours of gaming goodness.

As mentioned earlier, the SumoSac is huge. Not just large, but heavy too. Couple those two factors and you’ll quickly find out that the SumoSac is not easily moved from place to place. While it’s nowhere near as difficult as moving a full blown piece of furniture, it’s not something you’ll just pick up with one hand and toss over your shoulder either. In fact, just getting it through doorways can be a challenge and getting it up a staircase is a yet another workout in itself. However, keep in mind we received the largest of the SumoSacs available. In addition to the 3x6ft 55lb. sac, Sumo also offers two smaller sizes: a 3x5ft 40lb sac and a 3x4ft 30lb sac. Those who are a bit on the short or small side should definitely consider going with one of the two smaller sized sacs, while the larger folks out there will appreciate the 55 pounder for its additional size and support.


Behold the mammoth SumoSac next to the smaller Sumo Omni.

In comparing the two loungers there are a couple things to note. The Omni is a more weather and stain resistant chair thanks to its rugged nylon covering than the SumoSac’s microsuede outer shell. The good thing about the SumoSac is that while it’s not as impervious to wear and tear, it is machine washable so any spills or stains can hopefully be cleaned up without too much trouble. I’ve actually decided to keep my Omni outside on the back patio while placing the SumoSac indoors as an alternative to sitting on the couch. So if you are a messy slob who spills drinks or you plan on giving your chair a beating, you might want to opt for the more rugged Omni. On the other hand, if you are looking for a sturdy, comfortable lounger that you’ll primarily be keeping in one location indoors, the SumoSac would be a great selection to serve your needs.

The Bottom Line

The 55lb SumoSac is available now for a price of $229, which includes the shipping. Alternatively the 40lb sac is $199 while the 30lb bag costs $179. That may seem like a hefty price to pay for a beanbag style chair, but considering the level of craftsmanship along with the high-grade materials used, the SumoSac is a reasonable value for the money. There’s no question Sumo’s products are made to last while providing hours and hours of comfortable relaxation. The only question is which bag better satisfies your needs. Having spent a good deal of time with both the Omni and the SumoSac, I’d have to favor the SumoSac for its improved comfort and support. It’s still a bit of a pain to lug around, but as long as it’s in front of the television I really don’t need to move it anywhere else. If you are in the market for a beanbag style chair that will cradle your body like no other, head on over to Sumo’s newly design website at and check out their latest creation in the SumoSac!

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