Tech Guy

Jun 28, 2008

Ann Tancio


New SumoSac Beanbags

Ever since I grew up living in my parents’ attic, I’ve had a beanbag chair. About a year ago, I found the Sumo beanbags ( At the time, I received the Sumo Omni, which was the largest beanbag I’d ever seen. (See my old thread here.) Not anymore. I recently received Sumo’s newest beanbag, the SumoSac.

The new SumoSac is advertised as the new and improved version of the old beanbag chair. They claim that it will never decompress and is made of 100% shredded furniture grade urethane foam. It came with very specific directions on how to unpack the bag so that it can properly decompress from shipping. They warned me that it would grow, but let me tell you – they weren’t kidding. This thing is enormous, perhaps 4 or 5 feet long in each direction.

I made the mistake of unpacking the SumoSac when it arrived at my office. I thought I would check it out, and then throw it in the car and take it home to Heather. It really was a mistake. After getting one of the guys to help me carry it outside, we discovered that there was no way this thing would fit in my car now that I’ve unleashed it from its shipping bag. Instead, I ended up having to use our service van to take it home.

The new micro suede cover is very comfortable and much softer than my old Omni’s plastic-like texture, but it also picks up a lot of dirt – especially when being transported in a work van! Luckily, we found the cover very easy to remove and machine washable. In all, I think the new SumoSac is great for those who have a big enough room to use it. It’s definitely not for the college dorm room (it would probably take up half of the floor space), but makes a perfect addition to a casual room for entertaining or relaxing, whether you have a notebook on your lap or a Nintendo Wii in front of you.

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