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Aug 21, 2014

Ann Tancio

Back to school with the Omni Reloaded foldable chair

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Sumo Lounge is widely known for their high quality (and generally very large) bean bag chairs. We’vereviewed a few of them here at Technology Tell, and why? Because our Apple iPads and Playstation Vitas seek casual use, and what’s more casual than a bean bag chair? The Omni Reloaded, however, is not a bean bag chair, and that may make it Sumo’s most functional product yet.Omni ReloadedThe Omni Reloaded is a foldable chair that can be adjusted to multiple positions for multiple uses. With the ability to bend at your knees, hips, and neck, it’s perfect for unfolding in front of the TV to watch movies or play games. Do the same at the beach or a pool for reading. If you’re camping or having guests, you can lay it out flat to use as a bed. And when you don’t need it all, you can fold it in half, slip it into its protective bag, and slide it away under a bed or in a closet.   The folding action is relatively easy to figure out, which is good because Sumo didn’t provide instructions with our review model. It arrives flat, and latches into place as you fold it. If you fold too far, you simply fold it all the way forward to release its hold, then move it back to the starting position. Sometimes, however, the latches wouldn’t hold as I folded it forward. I found that laying it out completely flat again would help this, then fold the knee area, hips, and neck in that order. The inability to move back a setting or two without first moving all the way forward means it may take a few tries to get the precise layout you want, but you get the hang of it…just hope that dorm room has enough space to completely lay out its 75″ x 27.5″ frame. The outer material of the Omni Reloaded is 100% polyester, available in tan, fuchsia, green, orange and blue. Although it’s not the most attractive material you’ve seen, it’s water-resistant, quite durable and easily cleaned. The interior padded with polyurethane foam surrounding a powder-coated steal frame. Although the padding is fairly thick at nearly 5 inches, I was able to feel the steel frame under me after sitting in the chair for a while.Omni ReloadedMy pre-teen kids never had this issue, however, and my wife didn’t complain. Just know that the heavier you are, the more you’ll sink into the padding, which could especially be an issue when using the Omni Reloaded as a makeshift bed. Still, although it’s not the most comfortable chair Sumo has made, it’s definitely the best for prolonged use. Their beanbag chairs are fun, but are better for just flopping into than for actually watching movies or using a laptop because they don’t provide good back and neck support. The Omni Reloaded not only does this, but it does so in an adjustable way to perfectly fit your current use. At $220, the Omni Reloaded isn’t cheap; you’ll definitely want to make sure it’s something you’ll actually use before buying it. If so, it’s an excellent choice for your college dorm room or apartment. It serves many functions, it’s tough, it can be cleaned, and it’s fairly easy to hide away when not in use. Too bad you can’t say the same for your roommate, huh.

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