Technology Tell

Jul 2, 2019

Ann Tancio

SumoLounge Launches New “User Friendly” Website

It’s a big week for new websites this week in the tech world. And although this one is only tangentially tech-related, you need to park your tuckus somewhere when you’re playing with all of those wonderful electronic toys.

SumoLounge has launched a new, easier-to-navigate (although, to be fair, the press release said nothing about “aesthetically modern” or “sexy”) home on the web, which allows those of you in the market for a comfy new seat to compare colors and such much more handily. What isn’t clear from the main page itself is that Sumo has also launched a new blog, which focuses on the “most up-to-date information on Sumo’s products as well as related lifestyle trends and magazine/website features.”

Skeptical about the quality of Sumo’s bean bag chairs? Gamertell’s own PJ Hruschak has reviewed two of them, and came away impressed, especially with the Sway.

Personally, I’ve got my eye on an Omni. Now if only I could find a stylish lava lamp to go with it…

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