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Nov 2, 2011

Ann Tancio

Holiday Gift Guide: Sumo Lounge Omni Beanbag Chair





When my husband and I moved into our house years ago, we began to slowly fill it with the traditional items that everyone puts into their home: some tables, a couch or two, beds, that sort of thing.

But as our family has grown and changed over the years, our house (and furniture) has adapted along with us. We’ve brought in things like a crib, changing tables, a toddler bed and more, while coffee tables, lamps and pretty much anything breakable have been replaced with the kids’ toys, books and more toys.

Now when we consider adding anything new, we know it has to meet fairly high standards in terms of comfort, versatility, ability to be cleaned, and all-around enjoyment by the whole family. The newest item to have met all of our qualifications (and more)? The innovative and unique Omni Beanbag Chair from Sumo Lounge.





Measuring in at 4.5′ x 5.5,’ the Omni proved to be so much more than a beanbag chair right from the start. My first surprise occurred just trying to select a color from the 10 options that Sumo Lounge has available. From the classic Jet Black through Platinum, Fiery Red and Lime Green, there is something for everyone, no matter your decor and the statement that you’re looking to make.

My second surprise happened when the large box containing the Omni arrived at my door. Looking out my window, I wondered how I was going to lug a box of that size inside on my own… only to head out there and find that it barely weighed much at all. How was that possible?





Sure enough, opening up the box and “setup” for the Omni took only a few seconds as it really did weigh just 18 pounds. Looking at it just sitting there, I wondered just how something so simple (it looks like a giant version of a child’s beanbag toy) could really be comfortable.





And then I sat in it.

Filled with top quality Sumo beads, the tiny balls manage to bend and conform to around your body, providing you with a chair that is comfortable yet adaptable to whatever form you put it in.

Lay it out flat and it’s a bed. Prop it upright and it’s a video game chair. Position it halfway in between and it’s a lounge chair for watching a movie. No matter the situation (Sumo Lounge lists a whopping 10 different positions that the chair can be in), the Omni is always comfortable!





Every time I have sat in the Omni Chair, I’ve been impressed with the way that it can hold its shape unlike any other beanbag chair that I’ve tried before. Instead of just sagging back down like I expected it to, it stays stiff enough to really be a chair with neck, back and arm support, while also soft enough that you feel cushioned.

At any point someone around here is kicking back relaxing on it…




…comfy cozy hanging out in it…




…or even just lying down on it, taking a rest.





The inner foam beads not only give the chair a unique feel and structure, but I appreciate that they are securely sealed in by a sturdy zipper that is covered by extremely strong Velcro. Even when I tugged and pulled on it, there was no way that any of those little balls were going to escape!

Although the space age rip-proof nylon cover of the Omni isn’t plush and soft like a pillow, I was happy that it was instead extremely easy to clean. Having two young kids, being able to use wet, soapy water to simply wipe away spills or mess is well worth it.





Plenty large enough for kids or adults, Sumo Lounge has made the Omni Chair big enough to be comfortable but yet not not too large that it overpowers the room. Due to its light weight and durability, anyone can simply pick it up or drag it to a new location or position easily.

Whether you put it in your home theater, living room, bedroom, playroom or any place where family and friends want to relax and enjoy it, the Omni will surely end up the go-to place for watching a movie, a bed for a little nap or just a really unique chair for hanging out or playing video games.





After having had and enjoyed this oversize beanbag chair for a while, I can see why Sumo Lounge is proud to stand behind each one. From their 100% satisfaction guarantee to their free shipping to the proven high quality and well-crafted construction to the endless number of color options, the Omni is just… really cool.

To top it all off, the Omni Chair retails for almost $100 less than the competition at $149. This is one gift for under the tree that the whole family can and will enjoy!

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