The Bachelor Guy

Jun 23, 2008

Ann Tancio


Get a Big, Soft Sac

An updated version of the classic bean bag chair – only a helluva lot more comfortable, and with a helluva lot less cheese factor – the SumoSac is a three-foot tall, six-foot wide, chair/bed/blob, filled with shredded urethane foam and covered in your choice of four colors of super soft micro-suede.

The foam filling is guaranteed to never decompress (no one needs a sagging sac), and if the party gets too wild, the cover zips off for easy cleaning in your washing machine.

Great for gaming or just watching the game (there’s even a pouch for your remote), the real benefit is that it’s big enough for two. (“Wanna come over and sit on my Sac?”) And if the oversized six-foot version is too much for your pad, they’ve got smaller four-and five-foot versions too. (Relax, some girls are ok with a guy with a smaller Sac.)

$229 (Includes shipping)

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