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May 22, 2013

Ann Tancio

Sumo Solace beanbag chair

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Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved beanbag chairs. Even now as a fully grown adult I won’t hesitate to throw myself into the enveloping comfort of a beanbag chair. I was thrilled to try out the Sumo Solace, which combines the comfort of a beanbag chair with a modern, sophisticated look.

The Sumor Solace, with its high back and long body, has a sleek, modern look that goes great with my living room. Filled with 100% polyester fiber, this big chair provides huge comfort after a long day. I loved sitting back on it while watching TV or reading a book. It also features a nifty remote control pocket for convenient storage.

The Solace beanbag chair comes in four attractive colors: pitch black, khaki, fiery red, and funky brown. Sumo also provides free shipping!

Get the Solace for $299 at

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