The Greatist is the Greatist!

Sep 24, 2015

Ann Tancio

Jeff Cattel, a member of the Greatist, has just given a review of what he thinks of our chair! Sadly, he was unable to put it up on their site, but he left an amazing review for us HERE!  The review is also below!

Everywhere I turn, I find another story that tells me how bad it is to sit all day at work. “Sitting is the new smoking,” these stories declare. That statement is extreme, but I get the point. It comes down to simple physics—a body in motion stays in motion. And as an editor at Greatist, one of the fastest growing health and wellness sites on the Web, I like to practice the kind of healthy living that we preach. So I’ll join the masses embracing the standing desk life. But I ask for one caveat: Let me have something extra comfortable to lounge on when I do take some time to sit down. That’s where the Sumo Lounge’s Omni bean bag chair comes in. We have one in our relaxation room, affectionately called the Cave of Wonders (yes, that’s a reference to Aladdin). And after hours of standing—OK, if I’m being honest, we’re probably talking minutes—I’m so ready to plop down on the plush chair. The Omni’s foam cushion is firm enough to give the back support I need after all of that standing, while also being soft enough to give that I’m-floating-in-the-clouds feeling. We’ve got the Omni Plus, which is big enough to share between two people (can you say slumber party!?). And I’m not kidding about the slumber part. The Omni is so comfortable, you just might find yourself nodding off. But don’t worry, there’s also research that shows cat naps in the middle of the workday are great for you.

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