The Heel Press

Oct 2, 2006

Ann Tancio


Sumo Omni

At first glimpse of the “sumo omni” bean bag, it is nothing like what you would expect. It holds a squarer and less visibly comfortable feel than a typical bean bag. However, as you spend more time with the “sumo omni” your first impression will quickly fade into complete admiration for a work of genius. The omni is chameleon-like in nature. It molds to virtually any shape you like and firmly holds while still providing exceptional comfort. You will find naps to be much more relaxing on the omni than traditional bean bags. Its comfort level will actually surprise you and it is durable and tough when it needs to be.

So if you are down to try a new look and feel in your bachelor pad, dorm room, or sorority house, give the omni bean bag some thought.

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