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Aug 17, 2008

Ann Tancio


The Sumo Omni Is So Comfortable, You Won’t Want to Get Up!

A lot us nowadays are opting for design rather than comfort. We’re moving into small condos or have to make room for a baby on the way. We’re looking for items that can be used in a variety of ways that look good, but isn’t perhaps the cushiest sofa or chair in the showroom. We need it to look good over being comfy.

Well, I’ve found it all – design, comfort and suitable to all uses and environments – in the Omni by Sumo!

I know, I know. You think beanbag chairs are a remnant of the Seventies. Something that was ugly and bulky and ended up in the donation pile along with your plastic record player and Pet Rock.

But though the Omni feels like a beanbag chair (it is filled with little foam beads) , it is nothing like its predecessors. This here is a revolution!

For many reasons:

  1. The Omni is a square super-sized pillow (4.5′ x 5.5′), so it is not a heavy lump of beans that takes up the whole living room. It is also incredibly light (only 18 lbs, the same weight as our cat!), so you or your kids can lift it, move it or put it away easily. Can you say that about any of your other furniture?
  2. It is covered with a very durable, yet comfortable cover (space age rip-proof nylon) that is easy to clean (it’s water repellent and stain resistant) and comes in a host of colours (I got Charcoal Green and man, is it sexy!)
  3. The chair can be used as you need it. We tried everything in it. Well, almost everything! My fella played xbox in it, while I used it for watching movies or TV on DVD. We even had a friend’s sister breastfeeding in it (she thought it rocked!)! There’s so many different positions you can get into comfortably (Darren showed us how he sat in the lotus position with full head and neck support, despite his being over 6 feet tall!) that it really is capable of anything!
  4. You can also use it in any room. We had it in the living room, as that’s where company gravitates and collects, but Ben and Darren were thinking it would make a great headboard pillow! I like the idea of working on my laptop in it, as it’s much more comfortable than my office chair. I think if my parents had it, it’d be the best dog bed Rip had ever seen. The possibilities are endless! See all the different ways the pretty blonde is sitting in it on the website.

See all the different ways this blonde is sitting in it.

See how happy she is. How comfortable. How relaxed.

Get comfortable for once. In this day and age of wooden benches and straight-backed chairs, you should have one thing at home that you can curl up in.

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