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Nov 18, 2011

Ann Tancio

Omni Bean Bag Chair By Sumo Review | Countdown To Black Friday Giveaway



Bean bags make such fun furniture! You can plop down on them and make them into just about any shape you want in order to be comfortable. When I was younger, the only bean bag chairs I remember were all one size, and that was small. Bean bag furniture has come a long way since then, and they are getting bigger and bigger. You could pretty much make a sectional sofa out of bean bags these days!

Sumo makes bean bag furniture in all sizes, from a small ottoman to a gigantic 86″ chair that can seat an entire family.

Our philosophy is simple. We believe in your comfort. Sumo bean bag chairs are built with high quality rip-proof material that’s very durable and easy to clean. Our high quality bean bags are designed for an urban lifestyle providing a stylish alternative to boring furniture. All of our bean bags and bean bag chairs come in a range of colors, styles and sizes – perfect for any room.

I have had these large bean bags on my wish list for a while. I would like to one day make a play room for my kids, and I want them to have bean bags to sit on while they read or watch TV. Well thanks to Sumo, my kids have been lounging in pure comfort on the Omni Bean Bag Chair.

The Omni is Sumo’s version of an “inexpensive beanbag chair“, but don’t let the low price fool you. It measures BIG – 4.5’ X 5.5’, but weighs little – just 18lbs. You can configure the Omni into 10 different positions that they have discovered, or you can feel free to discover your own. The possibilities are endless! Here are just a few examples of the different ways you can lounge on the Omni.








The Omni comes in 10 great colors: Jet Black, Charcoal Green, Platinum, Midnight Blue, Fiery Red, Neon Orange, Hot Pink, Pure White, Lime Green and Funky Brown.





Since our bean bag will eventually end up in the kids’ play room, we wanted to go with a bright, fun color, so we chose the Lime Green.

Rylie and Bryce LOVE their new Omni Bean Bag Chair! So do mommy and daddy! Since we don’t have their play room set up yet, it has been seen all over our house. One of their favorite uses is laying on it to watch TV in the evenings.





As you can see, it is plenty big enough for both of the kids to be on it together. It is also perfect for just lounging around, or hanging out with Daddy. It is big enough for an adult and a child, even when it is in a more circular position.








The quality of the Omni Bean Bag is excellent! It is made from “Space age rip-proof nylon” and filled with top quality Sumo beads. It has already taken a beating from my kids, and still looks like new. It is easy to clean, and anything left on it from sticky fingers wipes right off. There was even an incident with a red marker, and you wouldn’t know it by looking at it.

The kids have been jumping on the bean bag with their shoes on for a month now, and there is not one rip, or even a scuff, on the chair. They may or may not even use it as a landing pad when they fly off the couch. (No children were hurt during the durability tests. Please do not try this at home.) I think you can tell by these pictures how much they like their new Omni Chair.








Another great feature of the Omni Bean Bag is that it is very lightweight. We are always moving it around the house from room to room, and my tiny little kids can even slide it where they want it.




If you are looking for fun furniture for your house, I highly recommend bean bags from Sumo! The Omni normally retails for $149, but is currently selling for $139 at Sumo Lounge, and shipping is free! Given the quality of this bean bag, I find this a very reasonable price. This would definitely make a great Christmas gift for kids, teenagers, college students, and even adults!



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