The More The Merrier

May 4, 2015

Ann Tancio

SUMO Omni Plus Suede – Bigger and Softer!

Plump and Plush!

I’ve already told you about the SUMO Omni, and the SUMO Omni Reloaded. Now I get to tell you about an even bigger, even better, SUMO – the Omni Plus Suede! Oh, my, my. I cannot believe how comfy-cozy I feel in the SUMO Omni Plus Suede. I really don’t get to sit in it very often, because the boys have pretty much confiscated it, but when they are in school, I have it all to myself!

The SUMO Omni Plus Suede is the newest SUMO Omni. So how is it different? It’s BIGGER! This Omni is 6 foot long by 5 foot wide. Where the SUMO Omni is filled with high-density virgin polystyrene foam, the Plus is loaded up with the same shredded foam that fills the Sultan and Gigantor. It also has a removable, washable Microsuede cover. That makes it a lot easier to clean than the regular Omni. When it arrives it’s all squished up in a little box. It certainly doesn’t look like it’s going to be big!

When you cut the tape off that bag, and slide it into the suede cover, it seems like it’s going to take forever to fluff up, but it really doesn’t take too long for it to expand into a HUGE bean bag chair!

He was afraid of the cat all day. He went to sleep and she came to lay next to him!

Now the boys like to argue over the  Omni and the Omni Plus. To avoid arguments, they have to swap off! My husband even took it the other night, just to find out why the boys felt the need to argue over it. He didn’t want to get out of it to come to bed! I know it will come in very handy when we have grandchildren come to spend the night. Who needs beds when you have SUMO Omni & Omni Plus!? The boys also love to sit in it when they are playing the Wii, and I’ve been known to take my laptop and work there.

At the moment, Hubby is completely redoing our front deck, but once it’s finished, I plan to take the SUMO Omni Plus Suede out there, to use as seating in the screened in section. That’s where we spend the most time, and the way I see it, we may as well be comfortable, right?!

Which of the SUMO Omni’s best meets your family’s needs? There’s a good one for everyone! 


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