The More The Merrier

May 28, 2014

Ann Tancio

SUMO – The Versatile Bean Bag Chair


SUMO for Comfort and Versatility

*I received the SUMO Omni to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own!

When I was a teenager, we had a beanbag chair. It was huge, mushy, and we loved it. I think it was my favorite place to sleep, and my brother practically lived in it. He played video games while sitting in it, and watched television there. After a while, it got kinda flat though, and not so much fun.

The boys had seen some beanbag chairs in Walmart, and outside of a local furniture store. Every time they see them they beg for us to get them one. My living room is small, and we really had no room for something that was going to spread out all over the floors. I remember when my mother had to ‘refill’ our bean bag chair, and was not eager to have those little styrofoam BB’s all over our house. When I saw the SUMO Omni, I knew it would be the perfect answer.

The SUMO Omni is nothing like that flat, crazy bean bag I had as a kid. It’s mushy, like those old bean bags, but it’s BIG, and much denser than the bean bags of my era. Even I, love to sit in our Omni! It’s not so close to the floor that I can’t get up without help, and it is oh-so-comfortable! If we flip it on it’s side, both boys can sit on it to play video games, or watch television on movie nights!


It also makes the perfect bed for when the grandkids sleepover! Just look how comfy my grandson looks! He fell asleep there, and I didn’t have the heart to move him!


SUMO bean bags are very well made. The material is rip-proof Ballistic Nylon – a PVC coated nylon that is tough, but smooth! It’s so easy to clean too. I just use a damp rag (dipped in soapy water and wrung out) to wipe it down! SUMO bags are filled with top quality high density virgin polystyrene foam, so it will take ages to decompress, like my old bean bag chair did!

This has become the most sought after (and most fought over) chair in our home. I totally recommend SUMO bean bag products. In fact, I’ve considered getting rid of the loveseat and replacing it with the Sumo Titan!

Did you ever have a bean bag chair?

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